Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

I got into the Rolling Stones‘ live disc of Hackney Diamonds for my evening listening today. It’s an amazing set, sprinkled with classics and some tunes from the new album. The first ‘single’, Angry, and second one, Whole Wide World, are featured along with the blazing Bite My Head Off and encore of Sweet Sounds of Heaven, with Lady Gaga tagging along. These are great, but it’s the oldies that I’m into at the moment. The set starts with Shattered, then Tumbling Dice and Jumpin’ Jack Flash get an outing in between the others. I’m really loving this live version of Tumbling Dice. The original studio version from Exile On Mainstreet was never much of a favourite, but here it’s reborn and new and fresh to my ears. There’s a chick singer on this one too, but it’s not Gaga, it’s a woman called Chanelle Haynes, and she does a splendid job backing Mick. I definitely have a soft spot for the Stones live. If push comes to shove I’d have to cite their Get Yer Ya Yas Out album of 1970 as my favourite live album ever. It has that definitive version of Midnight Rambler, and the groove they get on Carol is rock heaven. And that cover, with Charlie Watts and the donkey (or is it a mule?). Beautiful! RIP Charlie.


My occasional updates of my No Man’s Sky gaming are becoming a thing. I have this entire psycho-drama fantasy running around in my head and I wanna get it out. It’s to do with how I’ve themed my whole universe in the game around Twice and its members. I have a planet for each of them, and I think I’d like to show you my explorations of them with a profile of each member. I’m filming the game play, editing it, and putting it up on my Youtube channel, where I’ll provide links as I go. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether to add some voiceover commentary or subtitles, or just leave the game atmos as I’ve done so far. I started it yesterday, and if nothing else, I’m really enjoying the whole process, it’s so relaxing. It should also be a good introduction to the game. The mechanics of space flight and planet traversal featured in the game are the stuff from which dreams are made of.

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