Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Is that a throne she's sitting on?

The ABC’s 7:30 Report had an interview between host Sarah Ferguson and loony US Republican firebrand, Marjorie Taylor Greene, that was weirdly compelling. Firstly, the presence of Greene on the ABC provoked some outraged comment from some along the lines of Why give such a toxic commentator a platform on the ABC? To me it was no different to the way its Insiders program constantly features that Murdoch half-wit, James Campbell. And as one observer noted on Twitter: ‘it’s amusing to hear so many calling for the ABC not to interview anyone with an opposing opinion’. Greene was ostensibly on the show to talk about the recent trial and release of Julian Assange, and on that topic she almost sounded coherent. But once Ferguson shifted the focus to Trump’s trial and events of January 2021, Greene’s fangs came out. ‘Are you even a serious interviewer?’ she berated, taking her cue from Trump’s bullying approach to hostile interviews. Ferguson looked kind of rattled, actually, but carried on patiently trying to get Greene to acknowledge the connection between her support of Assange and her indifference to other whistleblowers. The point, I assume, being that Greene sees the Assange case as a chance to help bring down Biden’s administration in the coming election. It was pretty nasty, and pretty entertaining. What a nasty, grating fishwife is MTG! Despite what some commentators have said (and it not giving me any pleasure), I think Greene somehow got the better of Ferguson. Her body language reeked of nervousness. A Twitter comment from Rush2112 says it all: ‘Ferguson ambushed her. But MTG made her look like a scared little girl.’


Mmm, love nectar!

Anime Underground had an amusing, though gross, list of 14 Anime Moments That Made Us Feel Like We Needed a Shower by Anna Lindwasser that I couldn’t resist checking out. After I did, I kind of regretted it. The premise was a look at the ‘raunchy scenes’ and ‘questionable moments’ in animes that left you feeling…dirty. I won’t detail them here, just gonna provide the link, but to get a ‘flavour’ of the list, here’s an example: ‘Anna Nishikinomiya Bakes Some Very Special Cookies in Shimoneta’; the character in question is ‘secretly wild with lust’ and adds a secret ingredient to some cookies for a boy she likes – she calls the ingredient her ‘love nectar’. What could that be?


One of my library colleagues, Matt, surprised me when he told me about an event he’s going to next week called ‘Magic Camp’. It’s a week-long event to be held at Wesley College where children will be trained in and learn all about – you guessed it – magic and magic tricks. Put on by Melbourne Magic Academy, Matt will be there helping all the little would-be Hogwarts alumni release their inner wizards. It looks like a terrific program, with a detailed and education-based curriculum, though it’s somewhat pricey. One sales pitches for the camp is, ‘By performing magic kids learn to see things from other people’s perspectives, anticipate reactions, and choose their words with intention, cultivating empathy and imagination’. The site’s worth checking out.


I watched the first ep of a TV series called 1883 that I borrowed from the library. It’s billed as ‘a Yellowstone origin story’, so clearly it’s part of that franchise. I had watched the first episode of the original series starring Kevin Costner, and had issues with it. I hoped this series, which is set in the titular year, long before the original series is set, might avoid some of the issues I had encountered. So far, it has. It’s a pretty absorbing migrant trail ride story with Sam Elliot’s trail-master in the lead. It’s nothing we haven’t really seen before (maybe it overdoes the beautiful orange sunset shots, which remind me of Lonesome Dove) but it’s pretty solid entertainment. I’m liking the spare, pithy dialogue, which is contrasted by Isabel May’s character Elsa’s formal memoir-like recollections told in voice over. This first episode’s done a good job of sucking me in to its gritty, if somewhat glamorized, vision of that year. Let’s see how far it can take me.

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