Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

One of the great things about working in libraries is so many of my colleagues like to talk pop culture when we have down time, or when things are just quiet. Today we received the list of latest dvds being offered by our libraries and we quickly printed and put up posters for said list throughout the library. I didn’t know most of the items featured, but I did recognize the latest Walking Deads, the new Hunger Games, that holocaust porn thing The Zone of Interest, and The Last Voyage of the Demeter, which I’d like to see. The plot of the Demeter film is basically the section of Dracula where he makes the voyage to America via the title vessel and the chaos that ensues. I mentioned to a colleague, Julia, my little theory about how vampires are stupid the way they kill their victims instead of leaving them enough blood to live so they can come back for more later. Julia likened it to milking cows, but suggested the reason why they kill humans is they can’t help themselves, the blood lust is too strong. I have considered that, but I wonder at the self control of vampires. Obviously if they gained control and treated us humans like cows, they would lose much of their aura of danger. In short, they would stop being sexy. For humans it would be kind of like, wake me when you’re done. You know, libraries are one of the few resources for new dvds to borrow for free these days, instead of relying on streaming, which is paid. Just putting it out there. Here’s a little thread about this I found on Twitter/X.


Besides all the scintillating pop culture talk there was a little commotion in the library today when another colleague, Lauren, discovered a spider in a display she was dismantling. It was a small but ugly little black thing. Lauren and Julia gasped, then Lauren grabbed some insect spray and, egged on by Julia, was gonna do the deed, when I suggested I could be macho and catch it and rehabilitate it. But they demurred. Dey de-murd-ered – sumpin’ like dat. I think someone‚Äôs going to spider hell, ooh yeah.


Speaking of…The latest news from Gaza has international aid workers driving three clearly marked vans deliberately targeted and killed by Israel (though Israel says it was a ‘mistake’), and finally the western media is up in arms. After more than 150 Palestinian aid workers have been killed in similar attacks. One general bleated Israel has a right to protect itself. Yes, protect itself from people delivering food. Aid agencies said they were stopping operations for their own safety. Which I guess was the plan all along. Can’t give no comfort or aid to them Palestinians, can we? Blood-suckers.

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