Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I didn’t seem to get much pop culture stuff done on Tuesday. I borrowed a Lou Reed Covers album from the library, but haven’t listened to it yet. It’s called What Goes On: the Songs of Lou Reed. So it’s not the newer one, The Power of the Heart, that features Lucinda Williams and Keith Richards. This one has Beck, Bryan Ferry, Lloyd Cole, Cowboy Junkies, Iggy Pop and others. I think I’ve already got the version of Sunday Morning by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs. I’m especially interested to hear Rachel Sweet’s version of New Age and I’m Set Free by Yo La Tengo. At some point I’ll have to check out the other album. Lou is so The Man, whether he’s with Velvet Underground or Solo.


I get lost

The library system I work in has fourteen different libraries in it, and as a (mostly) casual, I get to work in all of them in the course of time. I mention this because today I went to the wrong library for work. Yes, I showed up at the wrong workplace! It’s because I have a habit of transferring my work calendar into my general phone calendar, and I refer to that rather than the work calendar. Consequently, if I write the wrong library into the phone calendar, and don’t check the work calendar, I end up at the wrong library. Clearly, I must check the work calendar from now on. But wait, there’s more. The weird thing is, the library I went to didn’t pick up on it. I was there happily working away for half an hour when one of my colleagues noticed an email from rostering saying, Russell, Where Are You? I called them and eventually made it to my proper workplace which, thankfully, wasn’t far from where I already was. Some of my colleagues had been concerned about my whereabouts, which was bad enough, but I was mortified that that email would have been seen by my whole community. What a fool I looked. This is surely a meme waiting to happen. Photos of me looking lost and clueless in various locations: a desert, Paris, Las Vegas, etc. Where’s that damn library? Russell, where are you?


One of the last sad tasks to do with my old car is to get rid of it. My brother in law had shown interest in it, being a collector of old cars, but I couldn’t get in touch with him. I even tried his daughter, but got no reply. I doubt if he would want it the state it’s in now anyway. I called the wreckers, got a pretty good price for it, and am waiting for them to take it away. With all this in mind, I sat in the old car, reminiscing, as you do. What can I say – I’m a sentimental guy. But it wasn’t like there were lots of good times to think about. There were no old girlfriends who rode along and held my hand, no special destinations I went to with it, as far as I can recall. Neither Neil Young‘s Long May You Run or The Beach Boys’ Old Betsy ran through my head as I sat there. The most I could think of with fondness was the many audio books I listened to while driving it. There was Jane Eyre, brilliantly read by Thandie Newton, The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton, and Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, read by Ray Porter. This last one was somewhat bittersweet, as I liked the story up to a point; but it went haywire near the end and, disappointed, I didn’t finish it. What else did I remember about the car? Oh yes, being a station wagon, it had been useful in transporting large pieces of furniture, and I appreciated the many reliable K’s it did taking me to and from work, especially when I worked over in Dandenong and Springvale. Good job, car. You were a good boy. Now be gone.


Today I went to K-pop Time, my local purveyor of all things K-pop. When I got there I found they’d moved next door to a bigger store. The extra room allowed them to add some special display tables for some of the bigger artists, including my favourites, Twice. That table was very impressive: so much good stuff. Twicerama. But I was there to pick up my new Nayeon and NewJeans albums. I got the NewJeans so-called Weverse version of their How Sweet/Bubble Gum single, which wasn’t what I expected. For the price, I thought I’d at least get a cd; but no, it had a pack of cards and an e-link to the Weverse app where I can stream the songs. Big deal: I can do that already with Spotify. WTF? What a ripoff! Note to self: don’t buy Weverse versions of albums anymore.

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