Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Hyundai Veloster

My day off, so I took the opportunity to look for a car. I’m not sure if car-searching falls under the pop culture remit I’ve set for myself with this Diary, but I’m gonna make note of it anyway. It probably goes under Advertising/Consumerism, something like that. I’m lazer focused on Hyundai models now, coming off the whole Motoko ad thing I mentioned previously. I’m definitely branded to them. An SUV electric like the Ioniq Kusanagi drives in that ad is way beyond my pay grade, so I’m looking especially at a nice little standard model called a Veloster. Unusually, it’s a three-door, four-seat model. Very sporty, comes in a turbo version too. I had a look at one today, a black 2017 model. The man, who was selling it for his daughter, wanted too much for my pocket though. Man it’s a sweet car – and the guy only lived in the next suburb. I’m gonna keep a close eye on his ad, see if he brings the price down before it gets sold. I was also going to look at another one, a slightly cheaper red 2017 turbo model, but I decided I can’t be driving a red car. Colours are important. And the guy who was selling (name of ‘Cosmo’) wanted me to meet him with the car at a KFCs away from his home. Said he’d had bad dealings with other buyers and didn’t want to be bugged at home. Fair enough, if it’s true, but it didn’t inspire confidence in me. Anyway, that makes for a fairly wacky start to my car searching. I wonder what other characters (and cars) I’ll meet along the way?

I managed to have time to have a listen to a couple of the albums I bought yesterday, Nmixx’s Entwurf and Aespa’s Armageddon. I have to say, I was a little distracted with the car-searching and all, so I didn’t give them my full attention. Entwurf is just two songs, Dice and Cool, and I’ve heard them a few times before, so no great revelations there. I still don’t think either of them are as good as the first single songs, 0.0 and Tank. Dice includes another change-up, like 0.0, but is not as gloriously chaotic as that one was. I know and really like the first two tracks of Armageddon, Supernova and the title track. The other eight are new, and they washed over me pleasantly enough. Bahama stood out for its different, laidback sound. Checking the songwriter credits, it’s mainly someone called Kenzie, who also wrote Supernova. I also liked Licorice, which is a thematic fit for Spicy, Salty and Sweet and Thirsty from the My World album. I’m thinking Armageddon will not be so bad once I settle in to it. Yes, I will continue with these stupid puns!

The highlight for today was watching Suzume, the Makoto Shinkai film I bought the other day. I watched it with the dub, as is my way with anime films so I can enjoy the visuals without bothering with the subtitles. And boy, has this film got visuals! But being a Shinkai film, that’s a given, you already knew that. The story takes the form of a freewheeling road trip, with 17 year old Suzume making her way from the island of Kyushu in the south-west of Japan, to the north-eastern corner of Honshu, via Shikoku, Kobe and Tokyo. Accompanied by a talking and walking chair (that’s right!), she gets help from various people along the way, and is joined by her step-mother for the final leg of the trip. The destination is her old home town, where her mother died in the earthquake/tsunami of 2011. It was a magical, emotional ride and I loved every minute of it. The film also reminded me, in some ways, of last year’s Miyazaki film, The Boy and the Heron. They both share a MC who’s lost their mother, and there are other similarities, but I won’t go into them here. I plan on watching the film again soon, this time with the sub version to hear how the Japanese voice cast faired. The English voice cast for the dub did a great job, but the guy who voiced the main male character, Souta, sounded so generic. I swear I’ve heard his voice a hundred times!

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