Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Giant Gundam at Odaiba

There were a couple of nice Twitter/X tweets I retweeted to my feed today. One was from ALIA, the Australian Library and Information Association, our peak body, which put out a protest about that stupid Cumberland City Council in NSW banning books about same sex parenting. It’s titled Protect the Freedom To Read. I think Cumberland City Council are the ones who should be banned. I mean, how behind the times are they? Just yesterday I was helping one of my library’s patrons, who mentioned she was getting books for her wife. And this was in sleepy old Croydon, Victoria – not the most progressive town. The other thing I retweeted, because it was so cute, was a thread of Photoshop Requests by Phillipong3. They were very silly and very punny and/or ridiculously literal and I couldn’t resist them. Check them out, but I’ll just mention one. First photo is of a young guy in a baseball cap. His request is ‘Can you make me more young?’ The second photo, or graphic, is of a squiggly sperm with the same baseball cap on! You have been warned.


I finished watching the Nijigasaki School Idol anime. I’d have to say I think it’s the weakest of the four School Idol shows I’ve seen. The music was beautiful, and much of the animation was terrific, but the story, what there was of it, and the characters, were under-developed. The main problem for me was how the School Idol club members decided to focus on solo idol activities, instead of going for group performances. A theme from this was ‘you are my friend and my rival’, which was an interesting change, but there was very little serious rivalry. Each of the first nine episodes highlighted one of the members, giving the story a fragmentary feel. One of the members, Rina, is so shy she often resorts to putting a smiley face-type board over her face, even when she performs. It begins to make sense, and can even be endearing (I liked the little power plug tail she wears), towards the end of the show, but it just looks weird and off-putting when seen in the title dance sequences. The finale has the girls putting on a festival around the buildings of Odaiba (the giant Gundam was spotted several times!), and because each member performs solo, the logistics of what they’re doing get a bit confusing. I mean, it was Idol, I liked it, it was super-kawaii and all that, but I’ve seen better.


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