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Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #77

Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #77

Vol 15/No.4

December 2019

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The World’s a Junkheap and We’re All Visitors Here by Alexander Nachaj

Robots, spare parts, junkyard world, protection mafia, robot games, ‘a fistful of dollars’, C-3PO

Defiance, overcoming oppression, self determination, whimsy


Local Girl by Roger Topp

The city, post apocalypse, survivors, new language



The Bad Luck Local by Janna Layton

Global warming, rising sea levels, man-made islands, extinct species, dodos, cloning, crime caper story, LGBTIQ

Escapism, crime pays


The Godhunter by Evan Kennedy

Gods, religion, transmortal, addiction, deicide

Self worth, liberation, apostasy, belief, faith


Outsourced by Geoff Hart

Santa as demigod, elves, offshoring, production lines, labour/management relations, capitalism, automation, socialism, fantasy

Whimsy, co-operation, diplomacy, obligation, cultural sensitivity, economic critique


Message Failed To Send by Lenora Cole (poem)

Interstellar communication, transport hazards, disasters, Titanic, business rationalisation

Empathy, economic critique


Island Nights by Scott Hoffman

Colonialism, gilligan’s island, drug addiction, witch, precognition

Defiance, revenge, justice


The Caregiver by Kim Whysall-Hammond

Space colony, robots, colony collapse, rescue mission, robot as mother, allergen pathologies

Self sacrifice, survival, empathy, humanity, parental love, motherhood


The Stranger In the Tower by Jonathan Edelstein

Crumbling cities, arcology, myth, exobiology, anthropology, Ursula Le Guin, coming of age

Compassion, exo-species empathy, courage, respect, climate awareness


The Blargulon 7 Information Kiosk by Rose West

Space tourism, Douglas Adams, global warming, galactic refugees, exobiology, exo customs, immigration, communication, insects

Humour, satire, assimilation, empathy, identification


The Slow Action Protest by Robert N Stephenson

Media manipulation and influence, robots, robot rights, Rupert Murdoch, totalitarian society, population control

Humour, media awareness, protest, bureacracy


What’s Left When Everything Else Is Gone by Andrew Grenfell

End of the world, exodus, extinction, entrance requirements

Sibling love, requiem, mourning