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Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #78

Andromeda  Spaceways Magazine #78

Vol 16/No.1

March 2020

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Dingo & Sister by Nikky Lee

Post apocalypse, animal/human telepathy

Kindness, tenacity, survival


And Her Lips Turned To Stone by Rachel Brittain

Nuclear apocalypse, radiation mutation, human/plant symbiosis

Survival, resolution, justice, recovery


The Lukewarm Equations by Matthew Thompson

The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin, edisonade, Mars, tea, satire

Humour, gender politics, class politics


Entanglement Issues In Magical Workplace Accidents by Janna Miller

Human/building fusion, libraries, magic

Love, escape, transcendence


Plumbum Talontum by Derek Kagemann

Toilet spirit, plumber magician, Harry Potter, elementals

Whimsy, job solutions


Real Misery by CP Riggs

Virtual pods, virtual reality, climate change, memory sharing, cyberpunk, UBI

Human worth, purpose


Malwhere? By Nyki Blatchley

The Matrix, virtual reality, conspiracy

Paranoia, humour


Raising the Steaks by Alex Acks

Antibiotic plague, UBI, vegetarianism, manufactured meat, biological engineering, 3D printing, cooking contest, patent copyrights

Veganism, animal liberation, honesty


Kevin Was Bees by David F Shultz

Collective intelligence, cloning, computers, genetic experimentation, starships, worship, man as god, religion

Free will, sacrifice, resistance, heroism, whimsy, transcendence