Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #79

Vol 16/No.2

June 2020


Story and Author

Tags/Hub Areas

Therapeutic Tags

Personal Rating

The Flame by GB Burgess

Le Guinesque, anthropology, religion

Love, compassion, community


The Word of the Prophet by Daniel de Leon

Mythology, religion, oppression

Insight, love, perspective, compassion, empathy, suffering


Telephone by FJ Doucet

 Teleportation Desire, loneliness, praise ***

Day of Rest by Luke Foster

 Robots, frontier colonisation Sacrifice ***

The Ethnographer by Grace Chan

 Anthropology, aliens, language, physical adaptation Empathy, fighting/overcoming prejudice/oppression ***1/2

Voice of God by Maria Z Medina

 Religion, pagan worship, god the trickster Zen, no desires, acceptantce ***

Root and Branch by James Rowland & Pete Crivellaro

 Tree herders Coming of age, self knowledge, vocation, environmentalism ***

Calamity by NM Whitley

Television, mass psychosis via media, subliminal, ghosts

 Letting go ***

Tane Mahuta by AJ Fitzwater

Environmentalism, living in trees, tree transformation, spiritualismProtest, tenacity, gaia***

The Light Mirror by Anya Leigh Josephs

Behavioural transference, LGBTIQ, sociology, qualitative researchSecond changes, self knowledge, love****

Salvaged Morality by Christopher Collingwood

Space salvage, dead civilisations, recoveryMorality of decay, opportunism, renewal***

Any Day But Today… by Maggie Slater

Superheroes, satire, menstruation, pmtWomen’s rights, humour, empathy, relief***

Strangers of the Shore by Mike Adamson

First contact, colonisation, exploitation

Hope, resistance, solidarity, friendship, justice


Masters of the Wheel by Ron Sanders (poem)

Cyclical universe, fate,
a canticle for leibowitz, post apocalypse, cosmology
Contemplation, cycles***

The Priestess of the Moon, Her Acolyte and How Together They Saved the Sky by Sarah M Goldman

Religion, myth, worship, epistolary, questUnification, love, persistence, supplication*****