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Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #81

Vol 16/No.4

Dec 2020

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The Library by Mani Nesami

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd, mystical magical library, New Orleans, books that are literal biographies

Letting go, accepting the unknown, free will


The Last Prophet by Nicholas Marconi

Time travel, visitors from the future, God, entropy, Kpax, mental institution patient, modern prophets

Improving society, averting entropy


The Ills of Inday by Tomas Marcantonio

Kaiju, poison plague, giant turtle, animal gods, religion, cults, Easter Island, exploitation, extinction, cure

Ecology, environmentalism, respect for the land, self defence, resource management


Untraditional by Ife J Ibitayo

Angels, music, identity, coming of age, hybrid genes

Finding vocation


Resolution For a New Earth by Helena O’Connor

Global warming, escape lottery, the chosen, disaster, eco warriors

Cautionary tale, environmental consciousness


How To Colonise Venus by Mary Soon Lee (poem)

Venus, colonisation, cloud cities

Adaptation, beauty, harmony


The Eye In the Water by Elana Gomel

Horror, bio-dome environment, Greek myths, Ithaca, Odysseus, Cyclops, Mars training, rapid evolution, monsters

Adaptation, survival


Artistic Vision by George Lockett

Disability, blindness, faulty prosthetics,

Resilience, adaptive,


Automated Coffee by Robert B Falco

Asteroid mining, killer creatures uncovered, unusual pov, automated kitchen, the indifference of machines, horror

Food, fatalistic


Caelestis by Finlay Harper

Fantasy, dragons, dream hoard

Escapism, comfy


Overwritten by Rebecca Dempsey

Meta, horror, dreams, writing class, possessed, dna, Shirley Jackson

Creativity, facing fears


The Perfect Party by Lindsey Duncan

Crime, revenge, poison



One Day the Child of the Stars Will Return by William Kerr

Religious ritual, bad faith, faith loss

Self determination