Thu. May 30th, 2024

Review: Lloyd Biggle Jr - All the Colours of Darkness

I finished the scifi book, All the Colours of Darkness, by Lloyd Biggle Jr. It was a strange but worthwhile read. The first half was about the struggles of scientists and businessmen to set up a matter transportation business. Then the second half became a rescue mission with a nice overlay of human/alien connection, going from fear to trust. Lloyd did a good job of making us see the strangeness of his aliens, not just the way they look but also the way they think. The book’s title came into play here as the aliens see us ‘primitive’ Earthlings as bound in darkness. By the end of the book a little lightness, and hope, is suggested for the future of us puny Earthlings. All due to the heroic and selfless actions of one man, one hu-man. But the really strange thing about this book was the cover of this edition, which has no relation whatsoever to the content. None. Nada. It is nice though (by the excellent Bruce Pennington, whose Dune covers were iconic).