Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Review: Urusei Yatsura 2023

Watched episode 31 of anime Urusei Yatsura on Youtube. This is the reboot starting from last year. It’s certainly more colourful in its design than the old series of the eighties. This Lum has rainbow-coloured hair. Urusei is one of my favourite animes, and I’ve nearly collected all the manga by mangaka extraordinaire Rumiko Takahashi. I recently came back from a trip to Japan, and oh the Urusei merch I brought back with me! Anyway, the episode is about the characters entering into alternate universes through these special doors that a mysterious rabbit-boy has charge of. Lum is hoping to find the universe where she marries Ataru, her ‘darling’, while Ataru (that ‘baka’) hopes for harems. The episodes are being put up by someone called AnimeSimp and I applaud their efforts, even if they are slightly illegal.

Watched episode 33 of Urusei Yatsura. The first half was about one of Mendo‘s baby octopuses (octopi?) going missing. It’s eventually found under his pillow. Love the bit at the start where one of Mendo’s retainers (his family is filthy rich) is doing a roll call of the octopuses and gives them all the honorific ‘sama’ (lord or sir). And they are so damn cute! The second half has Ataru being surprisingly gentlemanly towards a ghost girl (a Rumiko specialty) who hasn’t moved on because she wanted to date him. He even wears the warm wool items she knitted for him when she was alive, even though it’s the height of summer. Watching this, Lum is forced to reassess his qualities. It seems he can be selfless towards people who are in pain or need help, but reverts back to type – selfish – when everything’s okay. He does this over and over in the show. You’d think Lum would’ve picked up on this and used it to her advantage (well, sometimes she does).