Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


Short Stories

Besides my novel, Eye of the Timegate, I’ve written a number of short stories. Some are rejects from various magazine submissions and some are sitting on the shelf here waiting for readers for the first time. A number of these are leftovers from the novel – storylines I couldn’t fit into it, or which would have made it too long. I hope you like them.

Instant Karma!

A group of hackers are given an assignment that could reveal a mindblowing scientific discovery – and get them into big trouble.

Spiral Architect

At home in the bosom of his family, theoretical physicist, Yang Lee, comes to an astonishing insight whilst working on a quantum problem.

The Butterfly Breeze

A time traveler goes back to New York, 1980, to right a terrible wrong. But can he go through with it, and can you guess what it is?

Dancing On the Souls of Tattoo

Ace d’Angelo had a thing against people with tattoos. Then a helpful vengeance demon helped him get his wish. But it may not have been a good idea, after all.

A Princess of Planitia

Tzindy is the youngest member of Mpop girl group sensation Solipsistas. While she struggles to establish her place in the group her ties to Martian royalty and her burgeoning radical attitude could spark a revolution for her home colony, Planitia.