Short Stories

Short stories are a great way to get your work out there and known. They’re a great way to start your writing career. I wish I wrote more short stories. Fact is, I’ve put way too much time into novels than into short stories. I need to rectify that.

In the course of writing my novel, Eye of the Timegate, I found I had too much material to fit into it, so I cut some of the storylines and character arcs and put them into their own stand alone short stories. What follows are some of those short stories, which I’m making specially available to you, dear visitor, as free pdf pages or downloads. Please enjoy – and if you do read them, please let me know what you think of them. I’m hoping at some point to put them into a collection.

Spiral Architect

Yang Lee is a theoretical physicist working on the mysteries of the Timegate. He thinks he might have stumbled onto something within the ‘Gate’ that could revolutionise science, and the world. What could it be? This is an early expanded version of a scene that appears in the novel. I included it here because I like the glimpse it gives the reader into Yang’s home life, which is never really shown in the novel.

Spiral Architect


Instant Karma!

Alex Carlisle and his mates at Qwanten Data, a small IT security firm, are doing some illicit ‘black hat’ work for a shadowy client. The client’s got them looking into the nearby Tesla Institute, which seems to have a working time machine. Great news for the client, but bad news for Alex and the boys at Qwanten, because Tesla’s security people are now hot on their heels!

Instant Karma