Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Bill Congreve & Michelle Marquardt (Eds)


A fairly uneven (aren’t they all?) collection of shorts. The two big ‘name’ authors, Egan and Nix, deliver terrific tales, as does Adam Browne with his story, but the rest are variable – they may not have satisfied simply because they were in genres I’m not a fan of (there’s certainly variety here!). In all, a nice collection, with an Acknowledgements section featuring lots of good collection and anthology recommendations. I’d like to get my hands on the others in the series.

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Glory by Greg Egan

First contact, alien archaeology, war conflict, the Amalgam series, seeker-spreader civilizations

Peace, eternal knowledge, transcendence


An Account of an Experiment by Adam Browne

Middle Ages, monks, religion, language of God, mathematics, tyrant

Compassion, kindness, transcendence, defiance


Toother by Terry Dowling

Horror, murder, teeth extraction



Cracks by Trent Jamieson

New Weird, funeral, ancestral spirits, communication with the dead

Release, liberation


Mist and Murder by Lucy Sussex

Detective, murder, ghosts, Ceres, Victoriana, steampunk, meta fiction, Sherlock Holmesian

Solution, justice


Special Perceptions by Richard Harland

Horror, madness, alternate realms, poet, liminal spaces



A Lady of Edestan by Cat Sparks

Fantasy, oppressive paternal society

Escape, women’s rights


John Wayne by Ben Peek

New weird, alternate history, New York, communists, red scare, assassination, time travel portal

Conservative politics, radical politics


The Dark and What It Said by Rick Kennett

Horror, ghost car, Australian outback, snakes

Facing fears


The Jeweller of Second-Hand Roe by Anna Tambour

Second hand food, steampunk, new weird

Family, self sacrifice


Domine by Rjurik Davidson

Alpha Centauri, time dilation, musician, cyberpunk, crumbling, stratified future society



Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again by Garth Nix

Fantasy, evil gods, deicide, adventurers, Pinocchio, living puppet, arcane magic, duels

Friendship, heroism, duty