Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Machinimas: Tomb Raiders 2 Double Feature

Like a lot of gamers I have really enjoyed all the Tomb Raiders franchises (except perhaps Angel of Darkness, that sucked!). But my favourite will always be Tomb Raiders 2, for a bunch of reasons I won’t go into here. Under my guise as Will Greeves I made a soundtrack album based on the music used in that game. I really liked a couple of pieces, Home Sweet Home and Tibetan Foothills, so decided to make music videos out of them. What I came up with were the following machinimas. The songs utilise aspects of the TR2 soundtrack along with a couple of sampled loops. The one for Home Sweet Home is a loop from Underground 6 by Sneaker Pimps. The one for Tibetan Foothills is Ice Pick by, uh, Ben something. I’ll get back to you on that!

Home Sweet Home

Tibetan Foothills

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