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My Favourite Things: Films

In 1968 my sisters took my brother and I into Melbourne for the first time to see our first film. It was Oliver! at the Odeon. Unforgettable. Later, in the Seventies, it was the midday double matinee at the Croydon Moviehouse. One rainy day my friends and I watched The Time Machine there: the rain hitting the tin roof and most of us stamping our feet and yelling up a storm as Rod Taylor battled the Morlocks. Ah movies!

Then it was foreign films at the Valhalla in Richmond (re-runs of Jean Luc Godard and the French new wave), or the new SBS station on TV (Jacques Tati!). At the Rivoli in Camberwell I think I watched every Woody Allen film that came out in the Eighties and Nineties (except Crimes And Misdemeanours, which I saw in Paris!). When, disappointed by Deconstructing Harry, I realised I was finally over Woody Allen, it felt like heartbreak.

The films here are pretty much all over the place, as far as genre goes. There’s comedy, old classics, anime films, Australian films, foreign films, cult films and probably some, uh, bad films. There may be a few more science fiction films than others. Maybe more American films than others.  When I started using the app Letterboxd I put up all the films I’d ever seen, or at least that I could remember. The grand tally came to over two thousand films. Guess I’m not a film buff, yet.

Must Haves


Love But Not Great Films

The Wizard of Oz

Land and Freedom

Cinema Paradiso

Mad Max 2

The Year My Voice Broke

The Empire Strikes Back

The Day the Earth Stood Still

It’s A Wonderful Life

His Girl Friday

A Band Apart

The Duellists

Days of Heaven

Lawrence of Arabia

Doctor Zhivago

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Singin’ In the Rain

Austin Powers: the Spy Who Shagged Me

Mad Max: Fury Road

Forbidden Planet

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Mr Hulot’s Holiday

The Crime of Monsieur Lange

Le Grand Chemin

Bull Durham

The Searchers

Lord of the Rings 1,2,3

The Man From Earth


A Day At the Races

Planet of the Apes (1967)

The Warriors

My Neighbour Totoro

Princess Mononoke

Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

No Way Out

Children of Men


Your Name

Edge of Tomorrow

The Lives of Others

The Ploughman’s Lunch


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ghost In the Shell (Oshi)

The Cat Returns

Perfect Blue

Millenium Actress


Some Like It Hot

American Graffiti

THX 1138

Miller’s Crossing

Dead Man

The Big Sleep (1944)


Double Life of Veronique

Three Colors: Red

2 Lane Blacktop

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


The Haunting (1961)

West Side Story

The Thing (1981)

Harold and Maude

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I’m All Right Jack

Children of Paradise

Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Running On Empty

Ride With the Devil

Sunday Too Far Away

The Third Man




Don’t Look Up

No Time To Die

Mary Poppins

When Marnie Was There


City Lights

Isle of Dogs

Toy Story 3


Ex Machina


Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan


The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Whip It

Tokyo Story

A Tale of Summer

Death Proof

Dawn of the Dead

The Wind That Shakes the Barley


Dark City



Mars Attacks

The Matrix



Body Double

The Fugitive

High Fidelity

School of Rock


The Party

First Men In the Moon

Groundhog Day

Alice In Wonderland

Everybody Wants Some

A League of Their Own

Field of Dreams


Under the Skin

Wolf Children


The Prestige

The Jane Austen Book Club

The Butterfly Effect

Kill Bills

Dances With Wolves

River’s Edge

Blue Velvet

Deep Impact

Star Trek: First Contact

Persuasion (1995)

The Last of the Mohicans

Like Water For Chocolate

El Salvador

Mountains of the Moon

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

The Boy and the Heron

Wayne’s World 1

Love and Other Catastrophes

Dazed and Confused

Streets of Fire

Lover Come Back

Artists and Models

2020 the Year We Make Contact



Big Wednesday


Eddie and the Cruisers

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Happening

The Core

The Time Machine (1961)

Image by Neotenist from Pixabay

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