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My Favourite Things: Music (part three, Spotify Playlists)

By Russell Forden Mar14,2024 #lists #spotify

Yes, I’m branded to Spotify, have the premium account and use it all the time. It’s too damn convenient. And I love the playlist function. Before Spotify and all those other streaming services I was content with digitizing my entire music collection onto external hard drives as mp3s (still do whenever I get new product). I’d load the files onto a jukebox program (the one I use is Mediamonkey) and away I’d go, making some pretty rad playlists. This is fine for home listening, and I know there are a lot of albums and artists that the streaming services don’t have, for whatever reason (try to find Neil Young or Joni Mitchell). But you can’t beat Spotify and the others for convenience outside the home. It feeds my list making obsession. Here are a few I’ve made on my Spotify, with brief descriptions. You can check what’s on them by going to my Spotify page. A number of these are types of lists that suggest multiple variations. Of course, Spotify offers its own lists too. Some are featured here.

List Title



I do this every year. A constantly updated list of all the tunes I like that come my way in any particular year. Includes top selections from albums bought as well. A type.

Best of Year

When the year’s over I do a best of that includes only the stuff that was released that year.

Citypop 80s

Genre type. I talk a bit about this on one of my diary entries. Check it out. There’s also a Citypop 70s one. Love this genre, that is relatively new to me.


A variation on years. This one’s of specific songs from that year. It conjures up memories for me of my first job – a soft drink delivery job I did with my older brother. I have other favourite memory year lists.

Early Lizzy

Band comp type. Thin Lizzy’s early stuff when they had Eric Bell in the band. I’m presently reading a magazine about them. One of my favourite bands.

Cowboy Bebop OST Complete

A user called Mon Mamon has compiled this excellent list of tunes from the awesome anime show. I bought a double LP coloured vinyl of the OST when I was in Japan. Creamy.

Ghost In the Shell Series

Similar to the above, but this one’s a Spotify list, and a good one. And yes, I bought the GITS:SAC 2045 vinyl when I was in Japan as well (at the same shop in Kyoto).

Japan Trip

A list of the songs that I listened to or that went through my head and the albums I bought when I was there. Of course you think of ‘I Come and Stand At Every Door’ by the Byrds when you’re in Hiroshima. Don’t you?

Popasia Vol 11

Songs I’ve enjoyed while listening to local radio station SBS Popasia. After getting to Vol 11 I started putting them into the general year playlist.

Western Citypop

Songs by western artists I think are Citypop. Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, etc. They’re also unfairly called Yacht Rock.

The Kinks: an Introduction 80s+

Some bands had long careers, going through actual eras. This does what it says. The Kinks are my all-time favourite band. I have a bunch of other lists on them.

Ronnie’s Sabbath

Ronnie James Dio did three albums with the Sabbs. There was also some extras on the Dio Years cd. Highlights included here.

Brian Wilson Solo

This was compiled with the help of an Uncut mag Beach Boys/Brian Wilson article about his solo stuff. Beach Boys: Best American Band.

The Noughties

Yes, go ahead and compile a list of your best songs from an entire decade, any decade.

Let the Weirdness In

Weird songs by weird artists, or just weird songs artists have done. Of course it has Kate Bush, who supplies the title.

Obsessed Comparison

Doom metal band the Obsessed released an album called Incarnet which offered alternate versions of songs. I put the alternates with the originals for a comparison duke-out. Sometimes it’s a draw. I love Wino.

4th Gen Girl Groups

The Generation wave of Kpop groups is upon us. This collects some of my faves from Aespa, Newjeans, Nmixx, Itzy and the rest.

Chinese Rock

British magazine Neo had an article about interesting Chinese rock groups. I built my list around it. Man, it’s diverse, weird and extreme.

Space Caravan

Mostly doom metal that takes me on a cosmic journey. Long, noodly, far out. I’m on that spaceship cruising the galaxy. Space Truckin’.

Guilty Musical Pleasures

These are some of mine. What’s yours?

Stereolab You Owe Me One

When Stereolab broke up in 2010 they were supposed to leave us one more comp album. I cobbled what I could find together on this playlist. Then they re-formed and released the stuff officially. Rare and b-side comp type.

Gordon Lightfoot’s Sea Shanties

This is more a list I’m thinking about rather than have done. Love Gordo (RIP from last year). There’s at least one sea shanty on most of his albums. The most epic selection would be Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

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