Thu. May 30th, 2024

My Favourite Things: Social Media

I only really started getting into that thing called social media when I was doing my Library and Information Services course with Box Hill Institute in 2019. One of the classes was all about investigating social media, and we even had to make up our own internet web page. It was a good class, and it gave me a chance to finally have a close look at some of it, like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads and Letterboxd. Previously I’d only been aware of Myspace and dabbled a little in Facebook and Youtube. There was obviously a professional component to all this, namely the opportunity to communicate with and disseminate information to others about libraries and library projects. But the private uses for these was obvious and exciting, and I couldn’t wait to try my hand. Without a doubt my favourite of these has been Twitter. I don’t know, it just speaks to me. Anyway, here are the groups, users, accounts, whatever that brighten up my social media feeds.