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Twitter has been a great example of the Village Voice in action with all its strengths and faults. It was especially strong and useful during the Covid years, but it has lost much that made it good since people left in droves when Elon Musk took it over. When it comes to my own use of the app, I’m very much a lurker. I used to be more active in the early years, but as I have very few followers, my posts tended to come out to the sound of crickets chirping, which was discouraging. As my bio says, these days I mainly repost other posts that interest me. I have a number of lists based on certain favourite topics on my profile, and the accounts I follow come from there. Here are some of my favourite accounts under the appropriate lists on Twitter (some share more than one). This is an ongoing list, occasionally updated, by the way.


Crunchyroll You can’t really avoid Crunchyroll if you’re an anime fan (and why would you want to?). It has the information for what’s going on in the channel.

Merryweather Media Gorgeous online manga from Tokyo and Singapore

Anime Trending

Chris Gooch A working mangaka/artist, from my hometown Melbourne, and his notes of work in progress. 

Giritaku Podcast Hosted by the people from Anime Trending.

Existential Comics A philosophical webcomic. 

Ize Press Korean comics!

Yen Press Manga, light novels, Korean comics and more.


Existential Comics A Philosophical webcomic. What a concept!

Heckin’ Good Dogs They are! I like cats, but I’m a dog person.

Batshit Moments In Aussie Politics What it says on the tin. There have been many.

Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens The Classics from the Ancient world were pretty funny guys. Warning: possibly educational too!

The Chaser Not sure how often they post new stuff, but their reposts are good. Satire is not dead

JRR Jokien Funny memes about our favourite professor’s works.

Reuters Pitchbot (Satire) International world news in a satirical vein. Some people miss the satire and think it’s real (even though it’s in the title), which is hilarious.


Trove Australia’s biggest database. Great research info, a national treasure.

National Archives of Australia More Australian research goodness.

Australian Society of Archivists Lao Tzu was said to have been an archivist. That’s a career I could get my teeth into.

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Keeping on top of the profession.

ALIA Australian Library and Information Association. Curious about glamification?

Stacked Librarian Mistress of Library and Information Science.

Lousy Librarian Droll views from the underbelly of the library. Mordant wit. That thumbnail of the kid on the bio always gets me.


SF Encyclopedia Twitter feed for the online version edited by John Clute and David Langford. I have a hard copy! But this is great for keeping up to date with newer developments.


Perfume Info about my favourite Jpop group. Not always completely up to date, and mostly in Japanese, but I need it.

Images That Could Be Album Covers What it says.

The Kinks Preservation Society Beatles or Rolling Stones? Nah, Kinks! I used to subscribe to the newsgroup. Remember them?


Chien Mina fan

Minaron Updates about Twice, especially our special girl.

Twice (JYPETWICE) Official site info.

Futchess Muscle Tee Tzuyu (REAL) Lots of Tzuyu but other Twice news too.
Hourly Mina Because once a day is not enough.
Kpop Moments That Could Kill a Sapphic Kpop info from the lesbian point of view.
deju Designer, editor and photographer. Seems to be a Jihyo bias. Sometimes gets ‘political’, which is fine by me.
Aespa All things Aespa. 


Australian Unions Yes, my politics are left and I’m pro-union. You got a problem with that?

Batshit Moments In Aussie Politics What it says on the tin. There have been many.

Sally McManus Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions. 

Insider Media US-centric but some good goss about the industry.

Anarchist Federation Fighting for a world without leaders. I started off anarchist, but that was too hardcore for some people.

Sarah Independent Lebanese geopolitical commentator. Good on the Middle Eastern politics.

Reuters Pitchbot (Satire) International world news in a satirical vein. Some people miss the satire and think it’s real (even though it’s in the title), which is hilarious.


Philosophy On X Free global wisdom. Based in Seattle


Uncanny Magazine Online magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

SF Encyclopedia Good info for keeping up with the trends.

Owl! At the Library Quality tweets for the old soul.

BCS Online Magazine Magazine of literary adventure fantasy


Co Power A non-profit energy cooperative. Coops all the way! All things Japan.

Doctor Who BBC. Everyone’s favourite time lord. I still think William Hartnell was best.

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