Thu. May 23rd, 2024

I finally got around to watching Konosuba, The Legend of Crimson, the anime movie from 2019. I liked it a lot, gave it four stars over on Letterboxd, but had some reservations. This film comes after the first two seasons of the Isekai tv anime, and continues to follow the adventures of Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua and Darkness. The plot, such as it is, has them visiting Megumin’s Crimson Demon Village to help her clan defeat one of the Demon King’s generals called Sylvia. It’s a fun time, with some great animation and humour, but some of that humour is questionable – at least to my Western eyes. There’s a scene where Kazuma is almost raped by a horde of female orcs with pig faces. Because, you know, rape is apparently funny – or at least when it’s being done to a man. Something similar happens later when Kazuma encounters Sylvia, a big-breasted giantess demon who it turns out has ‘something extra’ downstairs (ie, ‘they’ are trans). Some reviewers on Letterboxd suggested that Kazuma was transphobic because of his response to Sylvia. I’d like to know the specifics of this criticism, because my reading of Kazuma is he’s just responding normally to some sexual harrassment. As usual, the ‘Japanese’ sensibilities of some story points continue to fascinate and appal me, the fan service keeps coming, and I keep watching these things, because I love them so much. I am so watching this one again very soon!


Watched some Youtubes. One was from Whatculture about 20 Most Shocking TV Character Deaths Ever. Yeah, I can be a sucker for a good clickbait heading, even a stupid one. I thought some of the intro commentary was at least interesting. It mentioned the criteria needed for an effective character death. These boiled down to it shouldn’t happen too soon, because no one will know the character, nor too late, because then no one will care; and it shouldn’t be the ‘wrong person’. Examples were given from Deadwood, Dexter, Futurama, Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, Homeland, Breaking Bad and a few others. Right, gotcha…

There was a nice AMV based on some Urusei Yatsura clips using the song Say So by Doja Cat. The Youtuber, Gabsbaixo, seemed to be inspired by the UY dialogue, Ataru to Lum: ‘-You idiot, if I say “I love you” under these circumstances, how do you know if I was telling the truth?’ Lum: ‘-I don’t care if it’s a lie. I just want you to say it.’ included in the description. That is classic Lum-thinking. A lot of the UY clips used in the video were new to me. And I liked the song.

Lastly, there was a really nicely edited and presented video from Pitchfork about Stereolab‘s 1997 album Dots and Loops. The description says, ‘The British-French band Stereolab was somehow of its time and from another time altogether. On their fifth album, 1997’s Dots and Loops, Stereolab synthesized their retro-musical mastery and brainy ambition in a newly seamless way, creating a dreamy, detail-rich triumph that channels the vibes of the 90s while hinting at something more futuristic.’ I remember buying that album back in the day. I bought it in Fitzroy as a sort of consolation prize, because I’d missed seeing Stereolab play at the Forum that night. I don’t agree it’s their best (maybe Chemical Chords or Emperor Tomato Ketchup, though Mars Audiac Quintet is my favourite), but it’s a nice album. Specially love the skittery drum and bass of Parsec.

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