Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Conversation With Josh #259

Me and Josh were at the Chinese restaurant again because it was my turn to pay and I didn’t want to pay that bloody surcharge the pub pays, alright? Josh seemed to be in one of his extra taciturn moods. His eyes seemed to be looking inward, like he was wrapped up in his own thoughts. I said as much but he denied it, saying he was okay. I must say the meal was extra yummy today. We both always order the same thing: teriyaki chicken, me with a side order of vegetable spring rolls. Best teriyaki ever. I bored Josh with my car talk, then asked him to guess how much I was looking to pay for my car. He first suggested $5000, and I scoffed and pointed upward. He kept adding $5000s, and each time I kept pointing, and his eyes kept getting bigger. He said he’d discovered the pub at Launching Place was putting on open mic nights every Monday and he might go and perform there. He should. I’ll go and see him. He also complained how Ash, the guy who puts on the open mics at the Herd in Healesville, seems to always be putting Josh on first. He’d rather play later, about 8pm, instead of being the ‘warm up’. I told him to tell Ash. I get why he’s annoyed. He probably feels like he’s undervalued, though I know Ash has a lot of respect for Josh’s songs and his performances.

Back at Josh’s house, on the porch, I was telling him about the book I’m reading about Sonic Youth by Thurston Moore. He knew who Thurston Moore was, but didn’t know their songs, not even Kool Thing. Typical Josh. But he does know Dinosaur Jr, kindred spirits to Sonic Youth, and I’m not familiar with them, except for Feel The Pain. He recommended an album of theirs, Where You Been. I will check it out. Then he made one of those out of the blue comments that always amuses me. He said his mate Isaac’s daughters were going to Queensland to start a new church. Just like that. Please explain, Josh. It turns out Isaac, who is a burly bloke (see picture here) who drums and plays piano at the Herd open mics, was once upon a time a pastor. And he passed on his religious zeal to his daughters, who have taken up the torch and run with it. Plan a murder, start a religion. I said I didn’t fancy their chances in getting followers, what with religion declining everywhere – at least in Australia. Josh also said some woman who attends his gigs at the Herd is a big fan of his song, Bogan Rhapsody. She’s listened to it on Spotify hundreds of times. His former band mate, Drew, who manages the account, saw the numbers and went ‘what’s going on?’ Also, his Angelica clip, which I filmed and put up on my Youtube channel a while ago, now has over 70 views. All of which he’s very chuffed about. Fair enough. From little things…Following on from the Christian daughters convo I decided to mention my new mania for Tarot (I’d been wanting to talk about it and here was my opportunity, going from Christianity to Paganism). I told him all about the different decks, and the meaning behind the cards, the Jung connection, and purifying my deck by the light of a full moon and all that. He seemed interested in it. He wants me to give him a reading using my Buffy Tarot deck. I will!


An ad came up on my Twitter feed. It was from the Australian newspaper, one of those Murdoch NewsCorp rags. It said ‘Welcome to the contest of ideas’. Yes, never mind the truth, let’s make ideas a contest to be won and lost and never mind the consequences. Bloody typical Murdoch shit, bloody sophistry. Blocked!

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