Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Machinimas: Veronica On Fire

I have a song I wrote called Veronica Sixx that’s over on the Grover’s Mill Songs section of this blog. Besides that, I made other projects based on her, a number of which were machinima films of her adventures. She’s a character from the Sims 3 game. I found her on the game’s online portal, The Exchange, where users can upload characters they’ve made. Veronica was made by someone called Sushiixcolor from France. Thanks Sushi…In this film Veronica’s house catches on fire. Her antics in putting it out astonished me at the time, because I wasn’t expecting it – it was just something the game randomly generated. Anyway, thought I’d show it here as a little sample of what she (and the game) is about. If the lingerie she’s wearing is off-putting, blame Sushi, she put it on her, not me! There may be more Ronnie machinimas to come…!

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