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Veronica Sixx, by Grover’s Mill (Muse Cycle #1)

I have a thing about Goth babes (who doesn’t?). I especially love the art work of Spanish artist Victoria Frances, who is mentioned in the song. She specialises in hot goth/vampire babes in leather and Renaissance Fair dresses, often swathed in blood. I love them, they really are the quickest way to my dark heart. So I was always gonna write a song about them. I managed to get a bunch of references in here, from Goth bands like Sisters of Mercy and the Birthday Party and Goth tunes like Tomorrow Wendy, to Shakespeare’s Hamlet soliloquy. At the heart of it is Veronica herself, my adorable Goth babe from the Sims 3 game. She’s a character I downloaded off the internet. I immediately built her a cool Goth house to live in and gave her a bunch of adventures, all of which I turned into a comic book and some video clips. Including her in a song was the next logical step. That’s her in the breakdown sections speaking Simlish, by the way. She’s actually putting out a fire that started one night in her home.

Musically this is another song I pretty much wrote on the bass guitar. I put my bass through a fuzzy guitar amp sound and it inspired the riffs. I don’t know how apparent it is, but the chorus is based on the BeatlesI Want You (she’s so heavy). I was learning it on the bass at the time and had the idea of putting the “she’s full of tricks” lines over it. The other synth sounds come from a Future Music mag disc. The woman saying “I enjoy hurting you” is the character Illyria from the tv show Angel. I wrote a song about her too. I guess I should say the s&m references in the song seemed like an appropriate touch, seeing as how I was talking about all that leather and blood. Not that I’m into that kind of thing, mind you! Though I can think of a Goth babe or two who can bite me anytime…


Veronica Sixx, by Russell Forden

Your buckled boots are stacked, you like to dress in lace and black leather.

Your skin is full of tatts, you dig ‘Release The Bats’ and bad weather.

Tomorrow your boyfriend he is going to die,

Lucretia your sister just might drop by.

You’ll both make your way on down to the cemetery.

You’ll spread the picnic blanket and then when you’re ready you’ll get down to it.


Oh it’s a black mass! No, a wiccan’s coven!

You’re full of tricks, Veronica Sixx I want you.

With your black majiks, Veronica Sixx I come to you.


Sometimes you frighten me, but you can put the bite on me anytime. I don’t mind.

If you wanna hurt me, you can convert me this very night. That’s alright.

You’re like some Victoria Frances art.

You’re the quickest way to my dark heart.

I’ve been a bad boy I need to be punished.

It’s a consummation devoutly to be wished.

So, put on your favourite renaissance dress,

C’mon, I need to feel your teeth against my flesh as you get down to it.


Oh a wiccan’s coven! No, an S&M dungeon!

You’re full of tricks, Veronica Sixx I want you.

With your black majiks, Veronica Sixx I come to you.

You’re full of tricks, Veronica Sixx I want you. Ooh ooh ooo…

On your black lips, Veronica Sixx I kiss you. Ooh ooh ooo…

You’re full of tricks, Veronica Sixx I love you. Ooh ooh ooo…


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