Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

New Car Saga

A few Diaries back I mentioned a TV ad for a car that features the song Next Level by Aespa. I happened to see it again today, care of my brother, who watches that commercial filth. Turns out it’s an ad for Hyundai, the same brand of car that Ghost In the Shell’s Motoko was featured in recently, and which I mentioned in another Diary entry. I’d already narrowed my search for a car down to this make when I saw the Motoko ad, but this seems to confirm what I’m looking for. Motoko Kusanagi, now Aespa. That’s my brand! I haven’t felt this branded since I saw the Uncle Tobys ad featuring that girl Sally, the Kinks fan.


Watched the rest of those Icon Lord Of the Rings docos on SBS On Demand tonight. I hoped one of them would delve into the machinations that brought us Miranda Otto’s Eowyn to the screen, but it was not to be. Instead there was some mildly interesting goss about the WETA studio that provided the special effects. Apparently some Newline studio bean counters were sent packing when Jackson and WETA realised they could use their own bean counters – or at least, that’s how I interpreted it. But most of all it would seem the main problem with the production was the controlling monster that Peter Jackson had become. He was forever making last minute creative and clever changes to the film that gave the staff and creatives a hard time to catch up to. One example was how, when he decided to change one scene, a frustrated Howard Shore, the film’s composer, had to re-score the entire scene. Going by the cast and crew’s struggles with Jackson on the later trilogy, The Hobbit, he did not change his ways.


I’m still reading the Gregory Benford scifi book, Rewrite. Author Robert Heinlein and his wife Ginny have entered the narrative. His novel The Number of the Beast was even mentioned. The Heinleins come off like they appeared to have been in real life – paranoid fruit loops. It’s all wacky meta fun, but I’m not really liking the turn it’s taking with the main character, Charlie. He’s now a Hollywood film-maker and has discovered he’s what’s called a ‘reincarnate’ – someone who can live other lives in the past. So he’s making a new parallel history version of the Michael J Fox film Back To the Future in hopes of flushing out other reincarnates, who will intuit his message from the film. This doesn’t really make sense to me. I’ll stick with it, though, in hopes the book will finally make some sense before the end, but I’m not loving this pseudo-science direction it’s taking. Benford’s other time travel book, Timescape, was full of such arresting hard science. What happened?

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