Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Today is Twice Mina‘s birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday, Mitang! Or should I say, Myoui Mina, the name her parents gave her? Her birthday is right near mine, so we’re both Aries. Also turns out we’re both born in a Chinese year of the Ox. In South Korea fans have a tradition of setting up birthday cafes for their idols, which the idols often visit on the day. Mina’s was no exception. The cafes feature lots of decorations themed around the idol, including posters and even idol-themed food. Fans always upload videos of these events, like this one on Twitter where fans sang her Happy Birthday. So cute.


I went to the Box Hill Record Fair today. Had a good time. See the review on my blog here. I’m reminded of the time I went with my mate, Paul. He was a newbie to the fair and so he didn’t know he was supposed to bring cash, not a card. The vendors almost all use cash at these things, because efpos machines cut into their bottom line. It was a classic rookie mistake, and I had to cover him by spotting him a hun’erd or so. This of course cut into my own spending power and I know I left the place minus a couple of desirable items (one was a Buffalo Bop album) because I’d run out of money. Neither of us could be bothered going to a bank machine in town and coming back.


I’m still figuring out my new phone. Main problem is trying to transfer stuff. Bluetooth connection was a problem, I couldn’t connect to my car. And my notes, which are extensive, I had to transfer manually. They include passwords, book recommendations and important idle thoughts. Here a some such idle thoughts:

  • The Problem: arseholes with influence.
  • Ulysses by Way of Jung: Kiss Penelope every chance you get, stupid.
  • Teleology: the explanation of phenomenon in terms of the purpose they serve rather than the cause by which they arise. (Thanks Srsly Wrong boys podcast for this one)

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