Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Red Velvet

I finished the second season of the Yashahime anime. The core of the Grim Comet splits open to reveal the Grim Butterfly, destined to reap the Apocalypse. But all ends well, and spoiler-free, with the last episode showing us how things happily fall out for our main characters. I loved this to bits and will gladly watch it again and again. It’s just a pity it doesn’t look like there’ll ever be a season three, going by the forums I’ve read about it. As it is, season two wraps the story up pretty nicely. And, interestingly, the manga tie-in, which is still going, seems to be going off on a new tangent. So it looks like there may be new stories to be told in the Yashahime world.


I caught up with a bunch of Youtube stuff tonight. There was Twice Nayeon’s second making of the ABCD music video, featuring a cameo from Twice Jihyo. Aespa’s video for new Japanese song Hot Mess, and part two of NewJeans’ Japanese song Supernatural. I haven’t formed an opinion on those either way yet. A sneak preview of a new Time To Twice series called Tdong Workshop, to be premiered next week (super exciting!). There was also some footage of Nayeon’s appearance at the Waterbomb event, a summer concert that features water and skimpy outfits. Fans had speculated whether Nabong would wear a bikini, but she didn’t, of course. She would’ve been branded a slut by conservative Koreans – that’s just the way many fans roll. Footage I saw showed her modestly attired in top and shorts and firing a large water hose at the crowd. Goofiness ensued when she couldn’t turn it off and kept dousing the crowd. I also saw Red Velvet’s video for new song, Cosmic, again. I’m really liking the song and thinking I should get into Red Velvet. They’ve always been considered one of the bigger Kpop groups, but I’ve never much given them time, although I’ve liked the songs of theirs I’ve heard. I think I should.

Note: No Conversation With Josh (he had something else on today)

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