Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

I’m seeing lots of promo pictures for Twice’s new Japan album Dive on Twitter lately. There’s a series of all nine members that I’m trying to collect – coz I get collector’s fever sometimes. I’m missing Tzuyu and Chaeyoung. Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have them, would you? Besides releasing Korean albums, Twice have been releasing specific for Japan albums that are completely different to the Korean ones, and that are sung in Japanese (and some English). The first was BDZ in 2018, then &Twice in 2019, then Perfect World (a particular favourite) in 2021, then Celebrate

Twice Sana

in 2022. They always feature the most recent official Japanese singles on them, but not the b-sides. Usually there’s three or more such singles, but at the moment they’ve only released one, Hare Hare, plus a promotional thing for Family Mart, a Japanese kombini chain, called Dance Again. I’m hoping that song’s on the album, even though it’s not one of their best, because I have a fond association with it in connection with my trip to Japan. I was staying at a hotel in Asakusabashi in Tokyo and went to my local Family Mart kombini, and what did I spy but the girls’ smiling faces looking out at me from a promotional display in there! Even though it was Korea by way of Japan, it felt like a welcome taste of home. In fact, two days before my trip, I saw Twice in concert at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne. They ate, and then some.


I drove my brother’s car in to work this morning for what will be the last time, because I pick up my car tomorrow! On the way I had another listen to The Outlaws’ Greatest Hits cd for some more good ol’ boy good times. Besides Holiday I’m really liking the song Take It Anyway You Want It, a slow grind rock song in the vein of The Rolling Stones (there’s even a cowbell on there!) and Def Leppard. It hits a nice sleazy groove, though I’m not sure if they needed to speed it up near the end. It sounds a bit like my cd’s playing up when I hear that.

The library I worked at today is in a shopping mall, and as I walked in I was greeted by the sound of Boz Scaggs’ jaunty, boppin’ Lowdown on the PA. A good way to start work!

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