Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Titty-cam at the Motley concert, 2005

I lost all my work today because of a Word malfunction, so I’ll just give the Cliff notes, coz I can’t be fucking bothered re-writing this. There was another Conversation With Josh (#258 I think), something about Josh doing an Andrew Lloyd Webber song from Evita for his next open mic outing. He mentioned seeing Violent Femmes back in 1995 at the Palais, with front row tickets, and the bass player asked his female friend back stage, but she didn’t go. Creepy muso’s. I mentioned seeing Motley Crue there, and they had titty cam. I took pictures. Hair metal was not really my thing, but I read The Dirt and reappraised them and learned to love their sleazy brand of metal.


Reviewed Aespa’s new album Armageddon, which has been on high rotation. I like its variety: electropop, hip hip, yacht pop, ballads, even some bogan rock (Live My Life). Aespa Karina threw out the first pitch at a baseball game recently. She smoked the batter, not really, but at least she got it over the plate and looked good doing it. Aespa also have a new song coming out, their first Japanese single, called Hot Mess. The product continues, yay. Hey, wait, I used that term Hot Mess in reviewing the Ghost In the Shell manga recently, and it’s come back to haunt me. Que coincidence!


Discovered new Twitter account called Women Being Awful that’s pretty funny. It’s not anti-women, just brings up funny memes that feed into interesting discussion threads about sex, gender and relationships. I put it in my Humour list.


I’m also still reading Rewrite by Gregory Benford, and it’s going places time travel books don’t usually go. Benford’s breaking the fourth wall by¬† including himself and even his twin brother in the narrative. Main character, Charlie, reads about Benford’s book Timescape and seeks him out for science advice about his situation (unstuck in time). This is the sort of silliness Robert Heinlein did in his later years (try reading Number of the Beast), though Benford does it so much better. The blurb tells me Heinlein’s due to show up in this one soon! Audacious, cheeky!

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