Thu. May 23rd, 2024

The majority of these film reviews were instigated by me, as in I saw them, Rui didn’t. You’ll be able to tell by the context of our discussion which ones we saw together or alone anyway. My tastes in films tend towards scifi blockbusters and little indie or old school films. But the selection here is very random. It was pretty much us reviewing whatever we’d seen that week, which could be anything. It’s not the wide world of Letterboxd reviews, but it’s a start. Pick a good one and enjoy me and Rui’s wacky take on film reviewing!

An American In Paris review, 11:33 mins

The Beatles Eight Days a Week review, 4:57 mins

Decline of Western Civilization films review, 5:58 mins

Devil Girl From Mars and Gem TV, 5:04 mins

Posse From Hell, 6:56 mins

Arrival review: 11:02 mins

Films review, 10:19 mins

I Daniel Blake review, 13:35 mins

Passengers review, 7:28 mins

Richard Linklater, 14:13 mins

The Crime of Monsieur Lange, 6:05 mins

Thirteenth review, 7:03 mins

Ghost In the Shell (2016) review, 7:47 mins

American Splendour, 9:01 mins

Despicable Me and Soccer, 2:02 mins

Inception, 4:30 mins

Inception 2, 3:43 mins

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, 2:24 mins

The Jane Austen Book Club, 7:07 mins

Life At the Top, 2:11 mins

The Owls of Gahoole and 3D Cinema, 7:55 mins

Shine A Light, 5:47 mins

Smokey and the Bandit and The Southern Thing, 10:41 mins

The Fastest Gun Alive, 7:59 mins

The Road, 6:08 mins

Tony Curtis RIP, 3:37 mins

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