Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Many of these reviews were done around 2016 so they feature TV from that ‘era’. Although some shows were free-to-air here in Australia from any given week (Media Watch, Whovians – remember that one?) the majority were from dvd or bluray set viewings. I don’t think either of us were doing the streaming thing back then. Television was going through a bit of a phase, with new channels coming forth, and then mutating into something else, or dropping out. I guess we’ve all had that wish, ‘why don’t they bring back (insert favourite old tv show you haven’t seen in ages and can’t get on dvd or streaming), it was a good old show?’ My biggest nominee would be Rock Arena, a music show from the Eighties that only ever gets a brief outing when Rage does their Retro month around January.

Rosehaven review: 7:28 mins

Game of Thrones season five review, 14:05 mins

Media Watch, 5:32 mins

Fear the Walking Dead, 4:00 mins

Star Trek Enterprise season four review, 13:48 mins

TV Review 2016, 5:28 mins

Vikings season one, 15:54 mins

Doctor Who and Whovians, 7:51 mins

Atom Bomb Documentaries, 2:30 mins

Mork and Mindy, 7:00 mins


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