Thu. May 30th, 2024

Every good podcast should have some jingles, and here are some of ours. Listening to some of these, I think I missed my calling: I should’ve been a jingle writer. But seeing as how I think anything to do with advertising is the Devil’s work, it’s just as well I missed that calling. But seriously, I think all advertising should be eradicated from our lives – except perhaps what might be called public service announcements. I’m especially thinking of TV and radio advertising. Seriously.

Ambient I’m feelin’ swamped: 30 seconds

Beefheart cart, 16 secs

Books cart, 41 secs

Carry on Caron cart, 30 secs

Cult Fiction cart, 26 secs

Goin’ On Strike cart, 11 secs

Huey Dewy cart, 19 secs

Low thump cart, 28 secs

REM cart, 18 secs

Tearing me apart cart, 09 secs

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