Thu. May 23rd, 2024

I guess this conglomerate of titles really comes under the heading Miscellaneous, the content that didn’t fit into the other categories. You know, there’s a thing called the ‘Apocrypha‘, which pertains to those many Gospels that didn’t make it into the New Testament. Like the Gospel of Mary, and the Gospel of Judas. Fascinating reading. So, therefore, these are the Apocrypha of Rui and Russ. Found recently in the famous Dead Sea Coffee Scrolls.

Bandcamp and staring: 6:07 mins

Triple R – 40 Years In 40 Days, 5:16 mins

Kindle Scout, 7:49 mins

Loomio, 10:07 mins

Rui’s Lismel blog, 3:36 mins

Blockchain Ted Talk, 15:51 mins

The Co-App, 3:31 mins

3RRR Stephen Walker, 11:39 mins

Community Radio 3CR, 7:40 mins

Mass Effect, 12:02 mins

Ned Kelly drink and Redgum song, 8:13 mins

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