Wed. May 22nd, 2024

In one of my blogs I detail how I went through a phase of reading book series, like Harry Potter and Ian Fleming‘s James Bond books. I mention that here because most times my reading selections have no pattern, other than there might be a science fiction book in the mix at times. It’s all over the place, as reflected in this selection of book and magazine reviews that cover many different areas, though they stay largely within the non-fiction category. As we library workers say, this is what you might call a ‘browsing collection’. Namely, it’s not collated into any order, thematic, alphabetical or otherwise, it’s more of a ‘lucky dip’. So, pick a favourite genre and dig in.

Star Wars Cook Book, 5:16 mins

Barracuda Magazine and Vegas Films, 6:59 mins

Govts, Markets, Globalisation – Quentin Beresford, 14:23

Maureen McCormick – Here’s the Story, 3:26 mins

The Music Goes Round My Head, 13:58 mins

Robert Forster – Grant and I, 8:52 mins

The Swamp and the Long Tail, 12:02 mins

Hollywood Interrupted review, 9:41 mins

Sinclair Lewis – Main Street, 4:48 mins

Vintage Rock Mag – Mr Postman and Quotes, 10:26 mins

Hayter and Isaakson – Behind the Rock, 27:23 mins

Pete Frase – Four Futures, 18:34 mins

Peter Goodman – Growing Up Absurd, 8:56 mins

Terrorizer Magazine and heavy metal, 14:27 mins

Buffy and Philosophy, 10:14 mins

Cult Fiction, 4:17 mins

Godard, Everything Is Cinema, 8:48 mins

Green Guide letter, Anzacs Vs Easter, 6:38 mins

John Clarke (Fred Dagg) RIP, 3:44 mins

Black Metal: Lords of Chaos, 4:24 mins

Luncheon of the Boating Party novel, 3:03 mins

Mini Pops, 4:31 mins

Babes, Boobs, Films and Russ Meyer, 7:34 mins

The Portable Jung, 2:37 mins

The Word Mag: Best and Worst Singers, 16:16 mins

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