Thu. May 23rd, 2024

These podcasts were done back in the days when I was still actively going to see local bands, and some big names from overseas. But one thing hasn’t changed, I still buy albums, still love that hard media whether it’s a cd or an LP (or even a cassette). Occasionally I slip in a song that we’re talking about, but mostly it’s just talk. Yes, but it’s MAGNIFICENT talk. Trust me!

Crop Top: 2:37 mins

Cold Feeling – Underground lovers, 3:24 mins

Deceptive Bends – 10cc, 5:58 mins

Lacuna Coil concert, 12:07 mins

Mazzy Star album, 3:16 mins

Beach Boys and best American bands, 6:21 mins

Lazertits – Gender Studies, 3:16 mins

Leon Russell tribute, 3:54 mins

Moonsign and song, Hold For Follow Me, 6:30 mins

Robert Forster concert, 9:01

Yes – Tales of Topographic Oceans, 7:50 mins

Going Away Party – Bogan Rhapsody, 9:06 mins

Music review for 2016, 5:14 mins

Parsnip and Lazertits concert, 8:37 mins

Bowie’s You Feel So Lonely, 5:12 mins

Goldfrapp – Silver Eye, 3:56 mins

McCartney – Chaos and Creation/Nick Drake – Magic, 3:35 mins

Fujiyama Mamas gig and Rockabilly, 4:08 mins

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